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Situation: Complexity of the construction business
Construction is no market for amateurs. Those who are not exclusively dedicated to it often fail to appreciate its incredible complexity and depth. And it’s easy to lose money here.
Every construction activity has to be reliably planned and managed by experienced professionals.  They must fully reflect the owner/builder’s ultimate intentions, not only in terms of here and now but also especially in the wider context and the future.
Too many owner/builders erect too much, too little, too lavishly or too frugally. The floor plans and room arrangements they choose are often entirely unsuited to the prospective business processes. Every misstep eventually incurs high follow-up costs, mainly due to increased personnel requirements.

Wolff Group’s role
Project management must always include consulting services to optimise investment costs and minimise operating and process costs.

Situation: Reactive project management
Project management that relies on retroactive corrections and applies lagging Change Management solutions is far too expensive and therefore obsolete.

Wolff Group’s role
Project management is only effective when everything is properly orchestrated in advance. Don’t hit an iceberg and then hope your lifeboats are seaworthy: prevent disaster by charting the right course in the first place.

Situation: Lack of clearly defined responsibilities
The complex structures in building construction involve numerous contacts and contractors. Responsibility is all too easily passed along, and the associated costs are high.

Wolff Gruppe’s role
A single contact with full responsibility has an incentive to stay on budget, maintain quality and meet deadlines on behalf of the owner/builder. We accept that responsibility.